Denix Western M1862 Replica Repeating Rifle - Brass - Denix

Denix Western M1862 Replica Repeating Rifle - Brass

Denix Western M1862 Replica Repeating Rifle - Brass

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Denix Western M1862 Replica Repeating Rifle - Brass


This rapid fire and revolutionary rifle was used in the Civil War and the American Frontier and has been featured in numerous Western Movies. The tubular magazine under the 24" octagonal barrel held 15 x .44 caliber metal cartridges. It was said this rifle could "loaded on Sunday and fired all week." It features a working lever action, metal butt plate, wood stock, and comes in either a gun metal or brass frame finish. The original Henry rifle was a .44 caliber rimfire, lever-action, breech-loading rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in the late 1850s. The Henry rifle was an improved version of the earlier Volcanic Repeating rifle. The Henry rifle used copper (later brass) rimfire cartridges with a 216 grain (14 g) bullet over 25 grains (1.6 g) of gunpowder. Nine hundred were manufactured between summer and October 1862; by 1864, production had peaked at 290 per month. By the time production ended in 1866, approximately 14,000 units had been manufactured. For a Civil War soldier, owning a Henry rifle was a point of pride. Although it was never officially adopted for service by the Union Army, many soldiers purchased Henrys with their own funds. The brass framed rifles could fire at a rate of 28 rounds per minute when used correctly

  • Replica Gun has working mechanism
  • Crafted by dedicated craftsmen at Denix in Spain
  • Authentic size and weight of actual gun
  • Denix replica Old West guns are made of quality wood and metal
  • Non-firable and can not be altered to do so

  • Measurements
  • Length: 42.5"
  • Weight: 6.5 Lbs

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