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Columbiad on Casemate

Columbiad on Casemate

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Miniature Columbiad Cannon on Casemate


The columbiad was a large caliber, smoothbore, muzzle loading cannon able to fire heavy projectiles at both high and low trajectories. This feature enabled the columbiad to fire solid shot or shell to long ranges, making it an excellent seacoast defense weapon for its day. Invented by Colonel George Bomford, United States Army, in 1811, columbiads were used by the United States coastal artillery from the War of 1812 until the early years of the 20th Century. The first columbiads produced possessed a 7.25 inch diameter bore and took a 50 pound projectile. Only after 1844 did an 8 inch model and a 10 inch model see mass production. The 8 inch columbiad could project solid shot 4,800 yards and weighed 9,240 pounds. The 10 inch weighed 15,400 pounds and hefted a 128 pound shell to 4,800 yards or solid shot to 5,600 yards. These cast iron weapons were typically mounted on seacoast carriages designed to recoil up a slightly inclined set of "rails" or wooden beams. The mounted columbiad could pivot left or right on a traversing rail. In most cases the arc of pivot was less than 180 degrees, but some batteries allowed 360 degree traverse. Just prior to the American Civil War, ordnance officer Thomas Jackson Rodman developed an improved version of the columbiad. The Rodman gun was designed to reduce cracking and other weaknesses found in such large iron castings. This process also allowed the manufacture of much larger bore columbiads. The smaller bore columbiads shared similar range factors to the older weapons, but the 15 inch weighed over 2 tons and could fire 400 pound projectiles out to 5000 yards. The monster 20 inch model weighed over 60 tons but could range to over 5 miles. Very few of the largest types were built.

  • Stylish accent decor piece
  • Makes a nice collection
  • Historical gift item - super for the history buff
  • Made in the USA

  • Measurements
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Height: 2"
  • Weight: 3.5oz